We all watch videos on the web with Dr Pimple Popper blackhead and we see all sorts of blackheads going out of control.

The reality is that you can manage or even remove blackheads naturally with the right tool. It all comes down to finding a product that helps you figure out how to get rid of blackhead fast and easy.

And that’s where the Blackhead Vacuum Pro comes into play.

This is a powerful blackhead removal tool that’s fast, reliable and very convenient.

It’s super professional and dependable, and you will find it very helpful all the time.

How can you use the Blackhead Vacuum Pro?

The way you figure out how to get rid of blackhead with Blackhead Vacuum Pro is very easy:

  •  First, you need to clean your face with some warm water
  • Then you steam the face with a warm towel, or you go for a warm shower. This opens up the pores and now you want to start using the Blackhead Vacuum Pro at the lowest intensity first
  • Start dragging the unit across the skin, don’t keep it in one place for more than 5 seconds
  • Then you will have to use a cold towel to mask the pores, add some facial moisturizer and that’s it!

How to set up?

The Blackhead Vacuum Pro is actually very easy to set up. You just have to charge the unit and then you need to pick the right beauty head. The small hole head is great for blackheads.

The oval hole head is reducing micro wrinkles, while the elliptical hole head is for removing fine wrinkles and boosting skin elasticity.

There’s also the big hole head for blackhead removal and the microcrystalline head for dead skin exfoliation!

Benefits of the product

What makes the Blackhead Vacuum Pro unique is the fact that it helps you figure out how to remove blackheads fast and easy.

It can fully remove whiteheads and blackheads as well as extra oils from your skin.

You get immediate results, and there are 3 different suction settings to choose from, which is amazing.

The five suction tips help you focus on specific features and they all work really well.

It takes only 5 minutes to achieve the results you expect.



Blackhead Vacuum Pro stands out with its efficiency and high quality.

The product clearly delivers a tremendous attention to detail and thanks to the customization aspect it’s easy to manage and handle the way you want.

You remove blackheads in just 5 minutes, which is amazing in its own right. And the blackheads will not appear for a very long time.

Thanks to the vacuum technology everything is removed, including the core of your blackhead. The core usually stays behind when you try to remove blackheads using regular means.

It’s the vacuuming power that makes it so resilient and efficient in the first place.


  • 5 suction tips you can use
  • It only takes 5 minutes to remove blackheads
  • Great for whiteheads and blackheads
  • 3 suction settings


  • Delivery times are a bit long
  • It takes a bit to figure out what suction tips is good for you

Final Thoughts:

Our Blackhead Vacuum Pro is a hits a distinct problem. Everyone has blackheads now and then. Treat them properly from the root. Premium feel and many attachments for different uses, this is the best on the market.

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