The High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster is a hardened plastic gun-type gadget. It gives you a chance to unclog your sinks and toilets with the draw of a trigger. 

How it functions: You develop pneumatic force within the gadget utilizing pressure build up, just secure the end of the Blaster into working area(eg.your sink) and pull the trigger. 

The High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster will discharge a gigantic whirlwind into your channels and unclog the mother-load that you sent down before.

This convenient gadget will clear youre sink, latrine, baths – essentially any blocked channels where a pipe is involved. It’s reusable and powerful!

How You can save money with our High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster:


Our High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster spares you a ton of cash from calling a handyman or purchasing an item containing those harmful synthetic substances.

it’s so convenient and successful against substantial hindering of usual dirt, hair and trash materials, for example, oil, frozen yogurt, sodas, and alcohols etc.

The High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster Gun accompanies a full arrangement of connections to fit into your sinks, baths, and toilets. Simply place the required connection onto the finish of the gadget and press it into whatever channel or latrine you’re expecting to unclog.

Never again will you have to sprinkle crap water all over you while attempting to utilize a plunger in your bathroom. No more chemical concoctions going down your funnels, nor will you have to trust that a handyman will do his job perfectly. You can now basically pull a trigger and have a perfect flowing channel without fail.

Set aside cash from calling a handyman or purchasing costly items containing cruel synthetic compounds. It’s so flexible and successful against substantial blockage, hair and all refuse materials; for example, oil, frozen yogurt, sodas, and alcohols.

The High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster pneumatic pressure weapon is reusable again and again, is safe and deceivingly simple to utilize.


High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster Size: (L) x (W) 23.5 x 28cm/9.25″”x 11.02″”


Easy To Use:

The “Air Blow Gun” utilizes the intensity of high-weight compacted air to impact against the hardest obstructions in your channels in just seconds. Just siphon the channel blaster and press the trigger, the stop up is cleared in a flash. A lot quicker than conventional plungers and snake plumbing. No more wasting time and money testing multiple methods.

Wide Range of Use:

Accompanies 5cm, 6cm, 11.5cm, 4.3cm-11.5cm, 4 measured suckers, can be utilized in washbasins, baths, shower drains, sinks and other usual plumbing areas.

Versatile and Effective:

It can manage different blockages brought about by a wide range of garbage, for example, hair, material, tea, leaves, grease, oil dirties thus on. With high weight air control, it depletes air rapidly and easily. Perfect for clogged areas.

The High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster uses compacted air to get out the hardest blockages in your channels in a flash! No more managing lethal synthetic substances that can consume your channels or imperil your family.

How you can use it?

  1. Introduce the suitable fitting as per the size of the pipe breadth 
  2. Pump up the hand siphon around 10-20 times, until pressure builds up to an appreciable amount
  3. Block pipe outlet, have it fixed; Pull the trigger to discharge the high pressurized air.


  1. The mouth of the outlet must be submerged in the blocked liquid to ensure air pressure. You should add enough water to the sinks, funnels or toilets, else, it won’t function optimally. 
  2. If the pipeline is blocked, it is suggested to put some delicate flotsam and jetsam, making the pipeline close to fully receive the pressurized air
  3. You can utilize a towel, clothes, plastic sheet or different things to keep water from sprinkling out if the pressure is excessively high


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