Mounting your mobile phone where you can view it while driving has been the standard. 

Whether you are using it to get visual directions or amusement, everybody likes their phone as close to them as possible. We recently stumbled across this awesome charger and decided to do a blog post on it.

What is it?

The Baseus Wireless Car Charger comprises of an automatic clamp which adjusts to your phone size(to hold it securely). This is part of the secret sauce of the charger, not neglecting the wireless fast charging trait, nor the sleek design.

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Buyer Guide for wireless car charger mount


Wireless charging technologies is just one of the characteristics that present smartphones must-have. Manufacturers were competing to provide quick charging wired chargers, nowadays, the rivalry is to get rapid wireless auto charging. 

Normally, wireless technologies entail using induction to allow device charging. Besides routine ones, automobile wireless chargers are among the best decision to facilitate convenience in your automobile.

Our premium charger is excellent and(also) guarantee your phone charges quickly and economically. Additionally, it’s crucial to inspect the protection of your charger. 

With various companies using different technologies, you need to ensure it is compatible with your device. To have the very best wireless automobile charger, below brings highly sought after benefits of our Baseus Wireless Car Charger:

  • Automatic clamping car charger mount technology:

There are several different charging technologies out there. Qi is the most used in virtually all smartphones now. It would be wise to go for this technology, as it is the latest and proves it’s claims through data. 

The technology allows fast charging, but the real star here is the automatically adjusting mount. The auto-clamp detects your phone, and closes until it is secure. No bumps or unexpected turns to topple your phone over.

  • Ease of installation

Mounting a charger in your vehicle can be an issue if it entails a whole lot of tricky guessing. There are many car mounts out there that are made for your windshield or air vents – our Baseus charger securely fits on your car air vent. 

Super easy to install-and-go in 3 steps: clamp the charger to your air vent securely, plug in your charging cable from underneath charger to your car usb port/ cigarette lighter port, and you’re done!

  • Sleek Design:

We think our Baseus Wireless Car Charger looks awesome – like the rest of our store gadgets. It will gladly take the spotlight on the dash of your car. Who ever said that made-to-last items have to be ugly? 

Easily take your phone off the charger and with you in 2 seconds. One handed functionality anyone? Go ahead and impress your friends

  • Wattage:

The wattage is vital in regards to any chargerfor your phone. Chargers also have to be appropriate to guarantee you have the very best charging without risking your mobile. With some chargers limited to low wattage, your phone shouldn’t charge at 40% faster than normal( like ours). 

Also be wary of chargers that don’t automatically stop charging when the battery is full – this can damage components in your phone. Luckily, our Baseus Wireless Car Charger fully protects your phone, with smart-stop charging. You can rest assured to receive the benefits without the drawbacks.

Quick Benefits:

  • Wireless charging at 40% faster
  • Automatic clamp to adjust your phone
  • Safe and easy installation
  • One-hand performance

What’s in the box?

  • Clip-on charger
  • USB-A into the micro USB cable
  • User Guide

Features and Design:

The Baseus Wireless charger at first glance is somewhat perplexing. Both side arms and the base cradle are targeted together inside and do not lock into position. 

While undoing the clamps, we moved around looking for that the”lock point,” but never made it function(we forgot to plug it in). Once we sorted the user error out, we tried it again.

There is an initial beep to indicate wireless charging. The sensor of the clamps are strategically placed on the mount to automatically know when to close until phone is detected as secure.

We were amazed on how quick we understood all functions of this product – definitely can be used by all ages(besides infants)

The bottom clamp is spring loaded which protects your phones from and unexpected bumps or turns. The last thing we want, is a great gadget that eventually damages your phone in any way. 

Side note: If you don’t have a wireless capable phone, you can use this car charger by adding a Qi film on the back of your phone, which makes it Qi enabled. Super cheap and super easy!

The spring on the air vent clip is quite secure – more than the other mounts that we tested. We also made sure to test these on the most common cars used. When we removed the Baseus Wireless Car Charger, we were pleased to see that no marks were made on the car vents.


We suggest deciding where you are going to set the holder, preferably the vent in between the passenger and yourself. Find the perfect angle that you would like to use the phone, then clamp it into the air vent. 

Once this is done, plug in your cable to the USB port and the underneath/ back of the charger and you’re all set up! 


We can’t overstate how well this unit performed. It began charging each time that our iphones were placed on mount with a low battery, and never gave us a minute’s difficulty when adjusting it.

Once set into position, it’s rock-solid, and simply became a part of our everyday convenience.

What people like:

  • One-hand operation 
  • Charging starts immediately 
  • Flexible, yet sturdy, Without a vibration

Final Thoughts:

We love the Baseus Wireless Car Charger. It is cost effective, great quality and functions like a pro. Trendy sleek design and ease of use, quickly shot this car charger to the no.1 spot on our list. We hope you enjoy this as much as us(it’s still in our cars).

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