Parents consistently stress over their baby’s safety once they start crawling. Do you know how you can prevent your kids from opening the fridge? Cupboards? drawers?

You may have your first child attempting to envision their best course of action.

If it is Ok, at that point you have to think ahead and investigate all the potential risks. This is the thing that gives this article its title “Flexible Baby Cupboard Locks Buying Guide”.

It would be a good idea to invest in some of our flexible locks. They give parents piece of mind, No toddler will manage to open our secure locking mechanism(besides Einstein)

Here are some highlights of our flexible cupboard locks:

There are many options in the market for baby prevention security. From bolted down railings to baby proofing pretty much anything. Our locks are different – they are super easy to install and one hand open ready(for adults). Our locks are more present-day suitable and a great choice for the individuals who need the childproofing components of their home to be done right.

Other locks on the market comprise of:

Magnetic locks:

If you wish to have magnetic locks, baby will always be unable to open it up due to the force of the magnets. The disadvantage here is the lock mechanisms themselves have to be screwed on the surfaces, which will damage them.

Adhesive mount locks:

The adhesive mount locks certainly are common. They have a reputation and are genuinely economical. The downside is what the adhesive leaves behind when coming off.

Spring release locks:

A truly innovative idea. The spring release locks are great to keep baby out. The disadvantage here is the cost.

Pros of Flexible Baby Cupboard baby door locks:

Some of the main points which are the benefits of Flexible Baby Cupboard Locks are as below:

  • It protects your children:

The toddlers are not ready to be exposed to the cupboards. They can easily hurt themselves.

  • Easy installation:

Measure the length that you need. Simply remove the paper from the sticky tape and place on outside corner of cupboard. Do the same with the other side and you’re done!

  • Simplistic:

There is no need for damaging your existing place.Our simplistic design blends in any setting. 

  • Variable Length:

You can customize your locks to the length needed. Simply pull a side and place to area without gluing at first.

  • Doesn’t break the bank:

You’d be happy to know that out flexible door locks don’t break the bank! Multiple locks in a pack – you can never have too many.

Some of the most frequently asked Questions

I don’t have time or cash to babyproof everything. What would it be advisable for me to organize? 

We know as new parents, there are a lot of unforeseen costs. With regards to babyproofing, center around everything that is at your infant’s eye level, particularly if it’s something that could cause them long haul hurt (like electrical outlets or cupboards brimming with cleaning supplies).


Would it be a good idea for me to have an expert install my Cupboard Locks? 

For most homes and most Cupboard Locks items, self-establishment is fine. Some organizations will come through and do it for you, ensuring no security stone is unturned, yet most parents decide on a DIY approach. Our flexible locks are fully DIY friendly and takes a few minutes to install.


When Should You Start Installing Cabinet Locks? 

When baby is around 4 years, you should get cabinet locks that are more suitable.


In the following couple of months, a few kids will begin strolling, and this is the start of investigations. Curiosity is their main trait. We, as parents need to control this.


When you consider safety locks for baby proofing, think of our high quality solution. We’re cost effective, as well as easy to use.Don’t pass on babyproofing your home – it is extremely important. Your pride and joy needs to be safe at all times, while exploring and learning everyday.

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